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Pics and articles from Fans

New!!! Section you can post your comments and messages Here!!!

After so many months.....and still I cannot believe that great loss...
I have no words to say, my admire for this actor was huge after his 1997 film "Funny Games" and I felt devastating after reading tha bad news in wikipedia in August, one month after his loss...
Great loss for cinema, great loss for the European cinematography by one of the most charismatic actors in his generation...
My truly condolences to his family and his children, if you have any acces with the family.
Still shocked
Athens, GR

Hola Montse,

Acabo de ver tu fan site de Ulrich Mühe, muy buena. Y más me sorprendió que eres de León , Guanajuato ya que yo soy de Irapuato. Ayer fui a ver la vida de los otros, en Zurich ya que vivo en Suiza y bueno me puse a leer un poco más sobre este actor y me gustó mucho tu pagina de fans.Mi esposo también creció en Alemania de Este y bueno, viene de la misma región de este actor.

Mucho saludos de Suiza


Thanks to Silvana Saltara for this beautiful letter, please read it with the heart.
Hi, Montse! I hope you're alright and feeling better now...of course
still very sad, and things will never be the same as before, but life
go on...the world seems now a  bit empty, like something is forever
missing...but everything happened according to God's will and we can
it's unfair and cruel, but who knows? God must know what is better for
everyone, even if we simply don't undestand it...I think Ulrich is
now,I don't think he's just resting in peace, because in heaven the
have much work to do indeed, they learn what they did right in  carnal
life,and what they did wrong,if they fullfilled their purposes in their

existence, they get ready to meet loved people who they had lost, they
ready to welcome other beloved ones who are about to come, then they
eventually get ready for another mission in this world, they choose new

challenges for the new existence, and cycle of life begins
definitely, Uli is not resting, I think he's very much awake and
of all God's truth...the ones who make me worried about are the living
the family and friends left behind, because they are suffering, and I
they could find comfort and hope...they will live their lives as God 's

will, and someday they will meet Ulrich again,somewhere, that's pretty must keep the faith...that's the mistery of life and
hope you're fine Montse, keep seeing Uli's movies, he was a great
actor, and
it's always a pleasure  to watch a gifted artist doing his work...he's
very much alive, don't you see?
Bye, and take care!

Sehr traurig haben wir die Nachricht über den Tod von Ulrich Mühe vernommen.

Wir senden unser Beileid an seine Familie.

Heidi Baumann-Diversy

aus Kerpen im Rheinland

I did not know what to do and I read your address in your website and maybe is because I wanted to express to you how devastated and sad I am. I did not know he was ill and maybe this is the reason why it shocked me so much. German movies do not come to Catalonia very often but Das Leben der Anderen opened here this year February 16th. For the people who really love the cinema this movie meant two things: Florian Henckel is a very talented director and we hope to see his next picture soon and Ulrich Mühe was perfect playing his part. He deserved every award he won because he played his character with reservation and passion at the same time. The contradiction of the role was expressed very vividly inside of him and one of the things I remember the most about the movie is the last scene, when he buys the book written by Dreyman and says it is a book written for him with a very shy but confident smile.
I use to regret very much when a person related to the cinema dies, but Ulrich Mühe's death is a great loss, an I am very sorry for it.
Thank you very much for the chance given to express it,
Marta Miquel. (Spain).

Hi Monse! What a lovely words by you! Indeed, as you, I hope he didn't suffered too much and that he is happy now.
Yesterday afternoon I saw the notice also on a German sat. channel ( and in the evening also Italian TV started to talk about him. Also the newspaper I usually buy, this morning has dedicated a page to him. He receives great onors as he deserves.
It's sad, as I read, someone spoke about his illness with gloating words.
I'm sad for Anna Maria, who now has lost also her father (last year her mother, actress Jenny Gröllmann, died for cancer, too) and now is alone (she has brothers and a mother in law, at least, I don't know how the relations between them is).

Anyway, cheer up! He was one of my favorite actors and I want to remember only good things about him: he as  "ein gute mensch", his interesting life, his good movies, his smile and his sweet eyes!
Wir lieben dich, Ulrich!
Antonella (Italy)

I was saddened to hear of Muhe's death and read what I could on the
internet, including bits of German sites with the help of internet
translating dictionaries.  In searching, I found your site.  I am sure
Muhe's family will be gladdened to see your condolences when they look
world reaction to his death.

What a great actor.  It is sad to think that we English speakers would
probably been able to see more of his work after his performance in The

Lives of Others
, if not for his untimely death.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your site, and express my condolences
you.  You obviously admired him greatly to have set up a fan site.
keep it up for those who would wish to read what they can about him.
never know who will stumble across his work a few years from now, and
interested enough to look him up.

Take care,

Carol M.
I'm feeling very sad
now, no words can express it...I'm sorry for him and his family... no
those blue eyes, no more movies, no more Ulrich...just memories. I'll
forget him.
take care
Silvana Saltara.


Hi Monse! I've just read a sad sad new! Do you know if it's true???
some magazine say Ulrich is disappeared sunday!
oh God!
I feared this but not so soon! How I wish this is false!!!!!!
25.07.2007, 11:25 o'clock family confirm death of actor Ulrich Mühe
Berlin (dpa) - which family of the actor Ulrich Mühe have the death of the 54-years old actor confirmed. In a report it, Mühe means on past Sunday died and today at own desire in the closest circle of the family one buried. One asks friends and colleagues for understanding.

25.07.2007, 11:25 Uhr   -        Familie bestätigt Tod von Schauspieler Ulrich Mühe      
      Berlin (dpa) - Die Familie des Schauspielers Ulrich Mühe hat den Tod des 54-Jährigen bestätigt. In einer Mitteilung heißt es, Mühe sei am vergangenen Sonntag gestorben und heute auf eigenen Wunsch im engsten Kreis der Familie beigesetzt worden. Man bitte Freunde und Kollegen um Verständnis

Hi, I'm fine too, despite the warm summer.
I hope it's not true, I read in the news Ulrich is ill with cancer!!!! I'm aware that also famous people can become sick, but I'm really afraid!!! I hope he will get well soon!
Antonella From Italy
I'll never forget him...I wished he
live one hundred years...I wished this was all a huge mistake...
Silvana Saltara (Brazil)
Lieber Ulrich Mühe,
wir  wünschen  Dir von ganzem Herzen alles erdenklich Gute und in Gedanken ständig bei Dir.
Harald und Manuela Voigt
aus Leipzig

Thanks to Pat Geary for this letter.
Just saw “Lives of Others” for the second time; I wanted to see it again and wanted a friend to see it.

To me, this is one of the finest films ever made, as not only is it extremely moving and entertaining, but it deals with the most important issues in anyone’s life: personal and political freedom, betrayal in both personal relationships and between a government and its citizens, human frailty and human strength, all depicted in a haunting and unforgettable fashion.

This is also an important film insofar as it stands as a timeless reminder of the moral destruction that flows from totalitarian political systems. The lessons it teaches are ones that we can ill afford to forget.

Finally, among a truly brilliant cast, Ulrich Muehe gives the standout performance, totally commanding the screen with his hypnotic presence. It was a great shock to read of his recent health problems, but even if he never made another film, his artistic stature has surely been established beyond question.

Pat Geary

Nashville, Tennessee

July, 2007

Thanks to Antonella from Italy
for this article

English Traslation from the article´s above.

Standig Ovation by Mario Sesti (Ciak n5-2007)

Each month best and worst performances by the currently stars.

[Oops, he mistakes the name, with a H…]

Ulrich Mühe (Das Leben Der Anderen) [He deserves a smile, of course!]

Who knows why it's not strange hearing that the excellent protagonist of the "film surprise" of the year, really been born in the East Germany , was out in front the manifestations that carried the fall of the wall: as a perfect spy, he passes on the side of the enemy, without the enemy knows it. Like in a Le Carré novel.

May, 27, 2007
Thanks to Nikola Krastev, for this message.
With a friend of mine we went yesterday to see "The Lives of Others" at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas in Manhattan. I am sure you get lots of these messages, I am just one in line to tell Ulrich how much it meant to me to see the film and notably his performance. It is a catharsis that we, in the U.S. rarely have an opportunity to experience. And to someone who grew up in a communist country (Bulgaria) it meant even more than that. We are still talking about it, more than 24 hours after we've seen it, it affected our weekend (and our lives, may be) on some profound level. So, please, if possible, pass my adoration - that's the word I'd think about - to Ulrich and my sincere wishes for him to be as long around as possible and to be able to give as much of himself as he did in this movie.


Danke Gene und Ruth für ihr Botschaft von Deutschland:

Sehr geehrter Herr Muehe,

Gute Besserung wuenschen Ihnen

Ihre Fans Ruth Tornieporth und Familie.

Vielen Dank fuer Ihre excellente Darstellungskunst.

Wir freuen uns auch wieder auf die neuen Folgen von “Der letzte Zeuge”.

Viel Glueck und Gesundheit!


Antonella let us a message from Italy.
Hallo, ich bin eine fan von Ulrich Mühe aus Italien! Er ist sehr gut!
Sorry, but I'm just studying Deutsch, so I know only few words yet - where are you from?
I just found your site and I think it's very interesting! Where did you find information? I've searched a lot something about him, then finally I found your page! Unfortunately I haven't photos or quotes to post here, but I thank you to have made "Dreaming Ulrich"!
I could saw "Das Leben der Anderen" only 2 days ago in my country, but I think it's a wonderful movie and Ulrich Mühe is going to be one of my favorite actors! He made a good work with his agent HGW XX/7.
 I read that someone said it's not true that Stasi spied people, but what about the archive which was found after the Fall of the Berlin Wall? Ulrich Mühe himself seems to have undergoed the same treatment. I wonder what he had felt playing the  role of  Wiesler, after have found out that.  He's a very interesting character:  I couldn't do his dirty work, but I can understand his lonely heart! He first is obstinate with his duty, but his blue eyes reveal innocence.  At the end, he  is really a "good person".

The final of the movie is poetic and beautiful, as the tender smile of "our hero" Wiesler who is buying a copy of Dreyman's book. I wonder if really it could be happened between two men, somewhere... 
The movie won an Academy Award (only as  Foreign Language Film, alas!), but I think also Ulrich deserved his Oscar!!!!
I can't understand why Hollywood is so down with European actors. They often give to worst American actors undeserved adwards!!!
I saw him also in The Last U-boat, he spoke good English there, I was very impressed by that. I hope to see other works with him.
I like also his beautful daughter Anna Maria, that I saw in "Big girls don't cry" and "Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken".
They are two charming and good actors, with beautiful blue eyes.

I hope to see them in a movie together very soon. Or it was already happened?
Bye bye! Antonella

Another Message from other good Ulrich´s Fan

Hi Monserrat!


            Please, could you tell Ulrich Mühe, that I like him (for his performance in The Lives of the others) too? I saw the movie in Prague . Already two times. I was fascinated.  

            Thank you in advance.

            Best Regards,



I'm a fan after seeing The Lives of Others--I've seen it twice, the second time to haul friends to it so we could discuss it...
My question is of a very slight nature, I'm afraid--I've never heard his name pronounced (missed the Oscars), and cannot abide mispronouncing names.  How does one say his last name?
Many thanks,
Carol Thornton
Silver Spring, Maryland
You are right absolutely, Montserrat. I have watched "Das Leben der anderen" here in PerpignanGreat ! Ulrich Mühe Superstar !!!

Message of William Parker from New York

I saw "The Lives Of Others" in New York the other day and Ulrich was
SUPERB!!! Please tell him I love him-

Bill Parker

The film was so well done. I am very impressed with everything about
the film. Thanks for the web site.
Dore Hammond

Visit this link from Dore Hammond Films

This follow pics was sent by a good Ulrich´s fan from Brazil Silvana Saltara

Thanks to Silvana for the pic
"Der lezte zeuge"

This pic is my favorite

Ulrich and friend


Ulrich with his prize "Lola"

Ulrich at "Das leben der anderen" premiere

Ulrich a long time ago...

"der lezte zeuge"
the poster

Thanks To Silvana for send these wonderful PIcs!!!

Thanks to Silvana Saltara for this pic.
Ulrich´s in "Das leben der anderen" backstage


Thanks for this pics Silvana If you are a Ulrich fan and you want send pics please write to:

An unofficial Fan site dedicated to Ulrich Mühe