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What a wonderful Thomas Kretschmann


The formative years...


Thomas was born in Dessau Germany on september 1962.

About his family, I don´t Know so much.

His childhood was happy, but he lived in a comunism regiment, is for that reason, he decided travel to other countries.

En pocas palabras yo no se nada de su vida, sólo sé que no se nada.

Este actor alemán triunfó, gracias a la película "el pianista" dirigida por Roman Polanski.

Thomas se caracteriza por hacer roles nazis, se dice que él es el prototipo ario, si no pregunténle a mi master...

Thomas kretschmann




English actor/screenwriter STEPHEN FRY has been banned from driving for six months after he was caught speeding. The WILDE funnyman, 49, was caught driving at 74 miles (119 kilometres) per hour in a 60 miles (96 kilometres) per hour zone by a speed camera in Weeting, Norfolk in eastern England. Fry was fined (GBP150) and ordered to pay (GBP35) legal costs by Kings Lynn magistrates court yesterday (14DEC06). Fry did not attend the hearing because he is currently filming EICHMANN opposite THOMAS KRETSCHMANN and FRANKA POTENTE in Hungary. 15/12/2006 02:07


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Last news!!! The life of Adolf Eichmann

Bio-pic about Adolf Eichmann to be filmed in Hungary

By Caboodle

Filming of a new European co-production will start in Hungary at the end of October, reports. The movie, about the life of SS officer Adolf Eichmann, will star actor Thomas Kretschmann.

Eichmann in Budapest

The notorious SS officer Adolph Eichmann (left) will be played by actor Thomas Kretschmann.

The crew will spend five weeks in Hungary, where preliminary work on the production has already begun. Two-thirds of the English/German/Israeli movie will be filmed at Mafilm Zrt studios and on sets in Fót. The production is being led by the UK-based Gentlemen Pictures. The total budget is €6.5 million, of which €3 million will be spent in Hungary. Eichmann will be played by 44-year-old German actor Thomas Kretschmann, who also appeared in Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" and Peter Jackson's "King Kong." Other major roles will be played by the German Franka Potente ("Run Lola Run") and the English Stephen Fry ("Gosford Park"). Robert Young ("Fierce Creatures") is attached to direct. Producer József Cirkó of HCC Média Group said that the English producer first chose Laurin Film Kft as production partner, then later decided on HCC. Other upcoming movies for the Hungarian production company are a German/Hungarian film in October and an English/French/Russian/Hungarian thriller in winter or spring 2007.


The best actor of all the times