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What a wonderful Thomas Kretschmann

Remember this scene?

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This site is dedicated to Thomas Kretschmann.

The german actor that stoled one´s Hollywood´s heart.

Latest News!!!!!


"Djimon Hounsou Travels With The Trunk" - Tuesday, October 17:

Sure, we've probably had too many of these "escape from the 'hood" movies, but this one sounds a bit more intriguing, if not for its premise, then definitely for its cast. The marvelous Djimon Hounsou will star here, finally getting some topline space to himself, as, of all things, a pianist living in the 'hood, as he struggles to get out. Naturally, his friends keep holding him back, and this supporting cast looks pretty damn solid too with Brian White (Tevon from "The Shield"), Boris Kodjoe (Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion) and Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong) as his friends trying to keep a pianist down. With this awesome cast, I don't care if we've seen the story a million times, especially with Hounsou toplining solo for a change. I'd watch it just for that anyway. Best News of the Week Nominee.

Hounsou enters The Trunk
Djimon Hounsou has signed up for the lead in 'The Trunk', a film about a musical prodigy trying to break out of his tough inner city life.

'Stomp The Yard' helmer Sylvain White is set to take on the new drama, which follows Hounsou's character's battle against his friends, who are desperate to hold him back, and realise his musical dreams.

In addition to Hounsou, thesps Boris Kodjoe, Brian White and Thomas Kretschmann have also agreed to star in the film, which will be shot in San Francisco next year.




This site is building by fans, they send us information, pics and others stuff from others sites, or from their own archives. we hope not offend to anybody, we only want give this little present to Thomas Kretschmann.

Thank You for understand


at the
Sitges Film Festival Spain 2006
Sitges Film Festival in spain
October, 2006

Thomas and his son Nicky at the Germany
Football world cup


At "the brazilian" premiere

at the Goldene Kamera Awards
february 2006

Thomas is a greatest actor
of all the time

The best actor of all the times